Abby Explorer Grammar App - Fourth Level

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Grammar Fourth Level is designed with the key points: 1) Teaching grammar through interactive activities, 2) Organizing these grammar rules into lesson plans, and 3) Generating Printable PDF for home learning or the classroom.

Grammar Fourth Level was designed to help your child learn and practice proper grammar skills. Learning has become fun with interactive exercises that keep the child engaged. It focuses on 3 units: Parts of Speech, Sentences, and Mechanics. Your child can work their way though or jump to the area they need more practice on.

Grammar lessons range from verbs and nouns to joining sentences. Each category provides a lesson and examples to encourage independent learning. Teachers/Parents can also print the included PDF pages, so that children can practice with a pencil and paper! Below are the categories and the interactive activities used to teach grammar:


  1. Nouns
  2. Common and Proper Nouns
  3. Singular and Plural Nouns
  4. Special Plural Nouns
  5. Possessive Nouns
  6. Pronouns
  7. Subject and Object Pronouns
  8. I, Me, We, Us
  9. Possessive Pronouns
  10. Contractions with Pronouns
  11. Adjectives
  12. Predicate Adjectives
  13. Articles
  14. Adjectives that Compare
  15. Special Comparing Adjectives
  16. Verbs
  17. Action Verbs
  18. Main and Helping Verbs
  19. Linking Verbs
  20. Present-Tense and Past-Tense Verbs
  21. Future-Tense Verbs
  22. Irregular Verbs
  23. Adverbs
  24. Adverbs that Compare
  25. Good and Well


  1. Sentence Structure
  2. Parts of a Sentence
  3. Simple/Complete Subjects & Predicates
  4. Compound Subjects
  5. Compound Predicates
  6. Declarative and Interrogative Sentences
  7. Imperative and Exclamatory
  8. Agreement of Subjects and Verbs
  9. Combining Sentences
  10. Joining Sentences
  11. Joining Sentences to List Words


  1. Capitalization
  2. Commas
  3. Direct Quotations and Dialogue


  1. Multiple Choice Quiz (Question and Answer Format)
  2. Underline the right answer
  3. Word Search
  4. Type the correct answer
  5. Complete the Sentences
  6. Drag answers to the correct box
  7. Matching
  8. Comparing Analysis
  9. Joining Sentences
  10. Sentence Scrambler
  11. Choose the Ending


  1. 3 Units of Focus: Parts of Speech, Sentences, and Mechanics
  2. Lessons with examples
  3. Interactive activities
  4. Printable PDFs with answer keys