Abby Explorer Phonics - Third Grade

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Abby Explorer Phonics is a great learning tool for young minds. Abby Explorer Phonics was designed to encourage children to learn and practice their phonics skills. Learning has become fun with 8 engaging exercises: Flash Cards, Spelling, Writing, Sentences, Matching, Riddles, Word Search, and Review. These exercises are complete with colorful pictures and audio.

Teachers/Parents have the ability to record their own custom audio, so that your children can learn to your voice. Teachers/Parents can also print the included PDF pages, so that children can practice with a pencil and paper!


  • Beginning Consonants
  • Ending Consonants
  • Hard & Soft C
  • Hard & Soft G
  • Consonant Blends with S
  • Consonant Blends with L
  • Consonant Blends with R
  • Beginning Digraphs SH & Ch
  • Beginning Digraphs TH, Wh, & Ph
  • Ending Digraphs Sh, Ch, Th, & Ph
  • Ending Digraphs Ck, Ng, & Gh
  • Short A
  • Short E
  • Short I
  • Short O
  • Short U
  • Vowel Sounds Ai, Ay, Ei
  • Vowel Sounds Ee, Ea, Ie
  • Vowel Sounds Oa, Ow, Old
  • Consonant Blends with Tw
  • Silent Consonants Kn & Wr
  • Silent Consonants Ck
  • Silent Consonants Gh


  1. Word Flash Cards: Learn each word and its spelling.
  2. Writing: Write the word that you hear and/or see.
  3. Spelling: Arrange the letters in the correct order to spell the image.
  4. Sentences: Choose the word that best completes the sentence.
  5. Matching: Match the words to their correct pictures.
  6. Riddles: Choose the word that best answers the riddle.
  7. Word Search: Find the words that correspond to each lesson.
  8. Review: Choose the word that contains the letter that they just learned.


  • Teachers/parents have the ability to record their own audio.
  • Record letter and word sounds so your children can learn to your voice.
  • Toggle between custom and default audio.


  • Easy to use in a classroom as handouts or interactive activity worksheet
  • Customize the PDF worksheets that you print out.
  • Group words by Exercises or as a whole category


  • Parents are able to customize the exercises to their children’s needs.
  • Choose answer options of images, words, or both.
  • Turn hints on and off.
  • Customize the word search difficulty with backwards words and diagonals.
  • Customize the writing exercise with traceable words that can be turned on and off.
  • Customize the PDF worksheets that you print out.


  • 8 interactive exercises
  • Over 200 words
  • Pictures for every word
  • Sounds for every word
  • Letter pronunciations
  • Customizable exercises
  • Record your own audio
  • Printable PDFs

iPhone version   |   iPad version

Download Third Grade Phonics Wordsheets:

Ai, Ay, Ei
Begin Consonants
Blend with L
Blend with R
Blend with S
Blend with Tw
Digraphs Sh and Ch
Digraphs Th, Wh, and Ph
Digraphs Sh, Ch, Th, and Ph
Digraphs Ck, Ng, and Gh
End Consonants
Short A
Short E
Short I
Short O
Short U
Silent CK
Silent GH