Abby Explorer - Print Tracing App

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Learn Alphabet Print Tracing Easily with this Tracing App - Designed to be used in a Classroom setting with teachers or at home with parents.

Abby Explorer Tracing is ideal for young learners who want to learn to write. Abby Explorer Tracing proudly uses the national standard of printing (Zaner-Bloser Style) that is taught in schools. The Zaner-Bloser technique enforces proper writing strokes as well as neat handwriting.


  • Learn to trace letters A-Z
  • Practice writing Uppercase and Lowercase letters
  • Fun spinning color wheel widgets
  • Trace the letters with your favorite color


  • Connect the dots option
  • Adjustable difficulty helps your child stay within the tracing lines
  • Direction Arrows show the order and direction of tracing
  • "Show me" option shows your child the proper tracing method
  • Clapping audio praise after each letter is properly traced
  • Printable PDFs allows children to practice writing on paper


  • Letters A-Z
  • Uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Fun spinning wheel widgets
  • Colorful crayon options
  • Letter stroke guidance animations
  • Designed to be used by the kids alone or with parents in an interactive session
  • Audio for every letter

Download Practice Wordsheets:

Print Tracing Worksheet